November 30, 2004

if you have yet to catch it on adult swim, i suggest that all of you turn to channel 42, at 12am and watch the Venture Bros. I haven't laughed out loud to a cartoon in a very long time. My ribs are still sore from last nights episode, and it wasn't their best.
i'm at pierce, researching for my final essay. wee. i am having so much fun.
i just ate a bacon sammich, and i think im going to be sick. not sure if the sammich was the cause, but if i die-avenge my death, will you brothers?
i need a job, if any of you know of any places thats are hiring asians-like chinese restaurants, convience stores, gardening positions or laundry and dry cleaning businesses-please let me know. i would love to follow a sterotype.
anywho-back to this paper, than will go to class, bitch about stuff and than go home and eat turkey. oh snap-i have a take home test due tomorrow...well i guess i'll do that after eating left over turkey. anywho-
hope your day is filled with rapists and child molestors, and you get hit by a speeding automobile (hopefully, while your out and about) and be paralyzed from the waist down and will than be unable to advance your seed. LONG LIVE MIKE DITKA.

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