November 18, 2004

Hmmm, I was thinking about this...

Reading Google Zeitgeist ... I noticed simple queries that could have been placed in the address bar with a www. and .com and worked just fine! This got me to thinking that perhaps a lot of lazy people out there place google as their start page and then simply type in things like 'mapquest' to instantly get the link. Hmmm, saves ya about .001 minutes I'd think. In the future, I see a more plain version of the internet. Google's front page hits the nail on the head on this point, and their ad's are the perfect style as to not be intrusive as well.

Now, if only they can refine that damn search engine... It feels so rough to me; I swear I do half the searching in my head thinking of enough 'uncommon' words that would be associated with what I'm looking for as to get good results. I to see a few of the basic-advanced (I Know, oxymoron.) search capabilities as a few small buttons or letters on the front page. As it stands, it's functional.

This thought all started today watching my fellow coworker type a full on sentence in a search field! She was looking for lyrics to some song, typing something like "'s words for the song "don't fence me in" I want to print it." Holy Hell! Does she think the damn thing is even remotely smart? Do you notice there's no word Lyrics in there? Ugh, how lacking can the understanding of a machine progress to?

Anyhoo... You all might not like what I start posting in here, but I happen to like this place and don't want it to fall into the Land of the Dead(links).

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