November 18, 2004

A Call for Action
Anyone interested in James's new Comic Ability becoming a part of this site? I asked him a while back if he could just dump the board part and start a daily or roughly daily comic on here. Not just about slugs, mind you... Well I've thought about it a bit and I've come to a few (probably wrong) conclusions:

- LJ has taken over in the daily drama department
- Blogger is a very unfriendly way to blog.
- LJ's audience extends past our simple High School relationships
- With those three key arguments, this place is doomed beyond the tag-board
- The tagboard has died, the one and true reason for visiting as of late.

I love the name, I love the concept that this has done as well as it has with our limited numbers, and I think we all need this site to continue.

How about we refine my ideas a bit here.... Lets reduce the Blogging size, get James to start posting his work, and get a working tagboard back online. It might be good to even startup a few sections like an art section for Mike, a crazy rants section, a Spleen! section. Or whatever....

I know we're all lazy and none of that will come to fruition but I wanted to state my case.

Anyone still out there hear me? James, I'd especially like you to pay attention.

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