October 29, 2004

well, being that its almost halloween, and it has become an unofficial tradition to watch Ed Wood movies during this time, i think this:


is an appropriate link.
so what are you faggets planning for halloween? we should so totally throw a sexy party.
or not.

anyway-im getting a job at office depot. apparently, turning in the application and knowing the store manager isnt enough, and i actually have to do an interview monday. im guessing its all just a formality. i know most of you faggets will laugh your asses off when i dont get hired, since i said that this is a guarrenteed job. fuck you all.

my car is on its way, so i figuare that once i get my car here, and the job-we should get another big thing going. like an UBER barbeque/poker/drink fest. i say we should since we've all been busy doing other stuff, that we're forgetting the most things in live. Eating meat, drinking liquor and playing cards.

well, im gonna go back to my studies. I have a Midterm monday, a "written assignment" due on monday, an essay due tuesday, a power point presentation (thats right, i said power point) due friday, and a take home exam due wednesday. the take home test is the easy one. weee. high school part 2 is oh so fun.

fucking niggers.

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