October 23, 2004

Well....I'm drunk as shit. Damn this is cool. I've never psoted drunk before. So now I'mg oint to. hehehehehhehehehe.
you losers.
Bonnie -- why wyo9uld you not leave if you hate it so mcuch. I mean. If you hate them....then get another job...a job that pays the same, but give syou your rights back....and doesn't involve those shitty hours.
or you could jus thave sex with me for $5 an hour. But maybe UI'm just sayin that cuz I'm drunk outta my mind.

I haven't seen JJ Parker in like a year. So we went and god rrunk tonight. Man does it feel good. We even met a good number of people. Drunk People,. Peiople like us. Ya,. We're gonna meet them again. And get drunk again. Indeeduyo.

Forgive my drunkenness.I 'm drunk.

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