October 22, 2004

Can someone please remind me why I joined the military? I mean, honestly, a military academy is such a bad idea. I stay up until 1:30 am doing homework then get up at 5 to go do physical training. Then I go to class all day and THEN I have some sort of lab like squad tactics and destroying bunkers and then I still have to come back to the barracks and deal with these crazy ass girls that I'm supposed to be in charge of but I can't stand most of them to a point where I don't want to tell them what to do because that would involve talking to them. The sad part is, as much as that just sounded like it sucked, I don't want to leave. I wouldn't even if I could. The only thing I really miss are my consititutional rights, but since I'm in the military anyway I don't have those. Yeah. So you guys need to post more...adam, post about your little baby...I want to see pictures! What is its name anyway? I need sleep!!!!!!!

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