September 06, 2004

Well, knowing how james probably wont plan anything, and the majority of you probably will be too busy-i'll just put this on here with the hope that maybe you guys are interested. here goes.
On the 17th-thats the friday after next---maybe we should get everyone together. its been a while since I've been around the whole group "together" so i think this would be interesting to see how everyone is doing. I know that alot of you more or less hate each other other or has moved on to the point where you're asking yourself-"Who the fuck is this guy?"
I don't want to go to sharris---i want to go somewhere where the majority of us havent been to-or havent been to in a while. Somewhere Jeff could go and not have to go past Tacoma ("its the smell!") so---here is my plan.
We meet up somewhere---get everyone together---car pool or something. Drive up to seattle. Go to DICKs. Thats right-thats my big plan. maybe not the greatest. Maybe camping would be easier. But-seriously. I never tried Dicks but i have heard that its good. i'd like to try it. and what would be a better time to try dicks than with my good friends that i dont get to see too often? anyway---it you think its a good idea, say so---if not...tell me what would be a better idea. Well...i'm going now---get ready for some Big Buck Hunter.
later niggers.

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