August 04, 2004

I've talked about these same things for years. I've always longed for the past. Andy knows this as much as anybody, about me.

Though, I think this is just a general psychological thing, for most. High school is commonly regarded as the best time of one's life, whether they choose to admit it or not (generally due to a resentment of the fact, or running from immaturity, etc)

High school: It's the last chance of your life to really have almost no responsibility. It's where you meet many life-long best friends. Social groups are made, broken, and altered. Most everybody has a social life, even jOe's, to an extent. The year or two immediately following, people are still closely knit. Celebrating being in the real world, having fun without school, looking to the future. all just kind of dwindles away. People join the airforce, go to college and get careers, others blunder about life trying to figure out what the hell they're doing...some get married, where still others never get out of their high school mentality, throw their friends out the window...and spend the rest of their lives trying to rebuild what they once had, only to find out it's much more difficult without a school environment.
This is life.
And this is why, since the day I turned 18, I began to have an utter dread for the future.
Though it's quite possibly that dread that causes me to be one of the ones bumbling around.

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