August 03, 2004

Dude i know exactly what your talking about, perhaps its one of those situations like where the cheetah just keeps walking around aimlessly and all the gazelle just have to poke there heads out. Or maybe this post here will just serve to strike up everyone on the subject of.....just what the hell is napster talking about?
But yah, the past....i keep thinking about it alot, for some reason every time i keep think of Jeff (Mr. Paulino) i always seem to recall the other jeff (Mr. R) speaking of whoring out Paulino's sister. But wow, i keep looking fondly back...remembering those times where i was the guy who sat quietly off to the side in Devlins class after school just taking in everything as Drew and jesse and Collins and good ol penis head ( now theres something from the least my oldschool), listening to some techno with Robert track in particular i remember sounding alot like the soundtrack from Streets of Rage 2.
Jeff trust me, if you think the video store is home to the pinnacle of assinine people, try stepping out onto a golf course or gun the year+ that ive worked at these places ive discovered that there are so many variations of Yuppie and Redneck that its almost sick...wait it is sick.
Must come up with list to rival Paulinos.....not much of a mission statement but it will have to do.

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