August 12, 2004

And so it goes...I will be leaving in less than a week for the great state of Missouri to attend the wonderful and prestigous Wentworth Military Academy. How I was accepted to this school, I do not know, and how I got the scholarship that pays for me to go to school, well, that remains a mystery as well. All I know is that I will be an officer in the United States Army in 2 years and from this point on am no longer an enlisted soldier. I have the shitty title of a Cadet. I don't know how this is all going to work out, because it all just kind of hit me. Oh shit, this time next week I will have been in another state for a day. Weird.

I'll be back in november for 10 days for vacation, and I have a month in December for vacation, and then 11 more days in march or april and get out of school in may for summer vacation, so it should all go by fairly quickly.

I don't really see any of you that often, so I don't really feel like saying that I'll miss you. I don't think any of you ever considered me a friend anyway. Bradbury, you are an amazing human being. Out of anyone, I wish you the best of luck because you were always the kindest to me, and to everyone for that matter. So with that being said...luck. Please keep being the honest person that you are. To the rest of you, minus the people who actually call me so I'll just say goodbye to you in person, good luck to you as well. May life smile it's funny little face upon you and may you all be happy or at least content. And I must say for the record, I hated high school. It was a prison for me, and I was so uncomfortable with myself. I think it's safe to say at this point in my life that even though I can't see into the future I'm happy with the now and every day I just find another reason to be happy. Aaron, I think I have you to thank for that whether you know it or not. So thank you. Bye for now, guys.


  1. Wow, well, congrats on the scholarship. The good news, if you can call it that, is that you should get to come back during the summer between your junior and senior year for "Warrior Forge" at Fort Lewis.

    And being a Cadet isn't all that bad. You get most of the privliges afforded an officer with hardly any of the responsibility. Good luck in your endeavor.

  2. Damnit. it posted the comment to the wrong blog.

    Oh well. Bye bonnie.

    Have fun in the South.