July 16, 2004

well, I thought I'd make some really cool thing against jeff...but then i remmemberd, I have nothing that I could use as amunition :( 
so here ya go jimmy, and  thats one wierd question thing....so what do I get??wheres my candy??
Question 1LOAC are general rules that apply to any scenario. ROE are specific rules telling us how to operate during a specific scenario. TRUE?

Question 2Following LOAC can help us in maximizing our military operations and conserving our resources. TRUE?
Question 3LOAC tells us that we must avoid all suffering during a war. TRUE?
Question 4When targeting something that provides both a military advantage but also creates unnecessary suffering, we do a balancing test to decide whether or not to target the object. TRUE?
Question 5Some combatants are not legal targets. TRUE?
Question 6All military personnel are combatants. FALSE?

Question 7A military hospital or chapel properly marked with a red cross is protected from attack. FALSE
Question 8We should not target civilian property which is not being used towards the war effort. TRUE
Question 9Weapons issued to you by the Air Force can be assumed to be legal weapons. TRUE
Question 10Napalm and nuclear weapons are illegal. TRUE
Question 11Chemical and biological weapons are illegal. FALSe
Question 12Only combatants, civilians accompanying the armed forces, or crew members of merchant marines or civil aircraft of a party to the conflict are entitled to POW status if captured by the enemy. FALSE????wtf
Question 13OSI and SFS are authorized to beat POWs if they believe the POW has useful information. TRUE???
Question 14POW's are entitled to food, clothing and shelter, but not medical care. FALSE
 Question 15If the enemy abuses our POWs, we can abuse their POWs. FALSE
Question 16You have an affirmative duty to report LOAC violations committed by friendly or enemy forces. TRUE
Question 17If you violate LOAC because your commander told you to, you will not get punished. FALSE

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