July 25, 2004

I just ate a can of Easy Cheese for dinner. So what are you fools all up to?  No one has posted in a while.  Thinking that you're all dead.  Maybe you all got flesh-eating bacteria.  That would've been cool.  Anyway, watching Tombstone.  Reminds me of when Aaron, James and me were in Borders and talking about what were the five movies that everyone would like.  I forget what we ended up deciding, but I'm pretty sure Tombstone was on it.  Before we put in Tombstone we were watching Boondock Saints.  I have a question for everybody: How the hell did anyone confuse William Defoe in drag as a woman-let alone a hot chick?  Whatever-the movie was overrated. When i get out (hopefully next month) we should all either go camping again, or Paintball. I don't know-i just miss all of you fuckers.  Even Michael.  God i hate Michael.  If there is anybody that got flesh-eating bacteria, I hope it was him.  The Village comes out Friday.  Hopefully it will be good.  I'm counting on it. Dammit-i drank too much water and now i have to pee, but theres no one here to cover.  Jesus.  I'm thinking about pissing in the fucking trash.  Sgt Robnson went out on a smoke break, so I'm just hoping he doesn't decide to smoke two cigarettes...or has 100s. I wonder what if they'll ever make a sequel to Super Mario Bros the Movie.  What if they did, and it was actually good.  Wouldn't that be, like, fucked up?  Like it becomes the next Lord of the Ring, becomes a huge hit and wins an Academy Award.  Wow, I really need to sleep.  And pee.  RIght now I'm trying hard not to think about it.  Thinking about the future: Flying cars, Hover boards and Cloning.  I wonder if the Red Seox will finally win the World Seris in the future.  Like in 2020 or something.  Didn't Back 2 the Future perdict that the Cubs wil win the Wolrd Seris in 2017?  That would be fucked up shit if that happened too.  Where the fuck is Sgt Robinson?  Why isn't he back yet?  Fucking -A.  Heres a tip for all of you.  Don't ever think, the next time you really have to pee, but you're in a place where you can just whip it out and piss, don't ever think you can just let a little bit out, and hold it until the plane lands.  Believe me, once you start its impossible to hold it in.  Plane ride-from Gulf Port Mississippi to Houston.  The plane was starting its decent and the "GIANT VOICE" said that we had to stay seated due to turbulance or something.  I reall had to pee, but I was worried that, with my luck, the plane would bank to the left and I'll piss all over myself and on the other passengers.  SO i decided that i can wait until we land in Houston.  Well fifteen minutes later, and the plane was still on its decent into and I had to piss real bad.  It felt as if my bladder was going to explode and spray piss and guts and blood all over the plane.  So I decided that maybe if i just let a little bit out, not too much-just enough to get the pressure off of my bladder.  I don't really think i need to finish this story and Sgt Robinson is back so I'm going to go piss---

---Ok, back.  Thank fucking goodness.  Sgt Robinson just put in Texas Chainsaw Massacre.  The remake.  I really liked the ending of the remake.  I thought it was a well done re-make, but I seem to be in the minority though.  I'm sorry, but the scene where Jessica Biel is running away from Leatherface in a White Tank top and short shorts was classic.  You can obviously tell it was directed by a male.  I mean, when she runs into the Meat Packing factory (or slaughter-house, i dont remember) and Leatherface follows her in and for no reason, turns on the Water Sprinklers.  And than shes wet, with a White Tank top and Short Shorts.  And than she decides to hide in the freezer.  So than, shes wet, in a white tank top and short shorts hiding in a freezer.  Oh man.  That made the movie for me. Oh and Jessica Biel is hot.

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