June 25, 2004

uhm steven...a 27 million dollar opening weekend is not really considered huge (the Marix). Neither is a 14 million dollar opening weekend (for Pitch Black). I dont think i have a point really...

I finally got around to watching Bad Santa. Actually, i watched Badder Santa. I have nothing really to say here either.

City of Heros is pretty fun. But i think i'm goign to stop playing...have other things to do like...sleep. I havent been getting enough sleep lately, even before i started to play City of Heros, but i should at least try.

been drinking a lot of Gin and TOnic's lately. I had no point in posting that as well.

If you want to watch a funny funny movie, watch PayCHeck. I laughed. A lot. course, i hate John Woo.

eat shit and die.

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