June 09, 2004

Sorry, Steve. I'm really just pissed at Aaron. It would have been nice to have someone back me up on the fact that he's spineless based, in my opinion, on the fact that he doesn't want me over there, in steve's words, "I'm not allowed" over there, because his girlfriend who's NEVER met me, doesn't like me. In fact, she calls me "IT." Now, this wouldn't be a problem if I'd met her and she had a reason to hate me. Maybe she feels threatened by me, but to feel threat from the unknown is a fucking waste of time and it gives you an ulcer. All I wanted was to be around people who I thought were my friends since I'm moving away for 2 years to another state. Aaron and I used to be very good friends. In fact, I considered him one of my best friends. But whatever. Sorry for such a general attack, everyone. James, rest assured that I love you to death. (Bradbury, that is sarcasm. My sarcasm is usually obvious)

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