June 24, 2004

Jeff: First off, how was it awesome? it was just a giant mob that rioted on the streets of france. hell, the new york draft riots was "awesomer" than that. second, the people that lead the "revolution" all abused their power and started to execute people left and right, not just "royalty" but doctors, scholars and pretty much anyone that could read ( see: Cambodia see: Khmer Rouge see: Pol Pot ). If you want a "revolution" that actually that created "ripples" look into the Winter Rebellion in St Petersberg. Changed the face of the world for a century and shaped the modern world more than the French Revolution ever did.

Jesse: Have you heard of Madvillian? Saw your post about mixing boards of canada and autechre with rap...should look into it if you haven't yet.

james: Slacker dvd August 31st. Road to Perdition was actually good...almost great. Watch it. Same director as American Beauty ( sam mendes? name is something liek that).

Bradbury: uhm...i dont know.

Steven: You smell funny. And i found a very very old copy of Super/System. yea...nothing else.

Me: Buy toothpaste, soap, cigarettes and smack veenker in the head after finishing up post.

Bonnie: haha, wyoming.

Aaron: Sucks about the car and ticket and what not. But the good news is ( if you havent already heard ) is that they are making "The Watchmen" into a movie. 2005. Darren Aronofsky directing.

To all: Chronicles of Riddick blew. Spider-man 2 comes out wednesday. I'm going to a "throw away money" school for film, using it more for a portfolio to get into USC film school...might end up going to UCF instead. I guess. yay. Anyway-me. out. air. force. august. me. party. drink. eat barbeque. smack. veenker. now.

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