April 24, 2004

Yes, they were old midgets, jeff. And I'm not saying aaron should go buy a BMW, all I'm saying is that paying to fix a car that is shit anyway is just dumb. Plus, you can buy an incredibly decent car for under $5000 and make very decent payments. You can talk sales people into almost anything. They just want to sale the car.

And so what if I quit my job? I HATED THE JOB and I will not be one of those people who just works for the money but hate their job and are sad all the time because they have to go to work. I REFUSE TO GET SUCKED IN WITH EVERYONE ELSE AND JUST WORK AT A JOB I HATE FOR THE MONEY! It makes youbitter if you have to do the things you hate every day. I'mgoing to the gym. Don't ever disagree with me again, jeff. Or I'll kill you and then steal your lip gloss.

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