April 02, 2004

so fun stuff-before, we didnt participate in the exercise sides from the 12 hour shifts, but now we'll have to put chem suits on. don't ask why, i don't know.

i came up here and got into trouble for my car being impounded, my cable bill not being paid (even though i cancelled my cable months ago), not retaking a test i failed before taking leave and failing a room inspection. so i had tons of fun since comming up here.

oh and its snowing and its -15 degrees as we speak.

i actually have nothing to post about. i just like to bitch and complain.
sucks about you car aarooooon. you should look into buying a moped. i mean seriously dood, theyre cheap, i dont know about insurance, but they get great gas mileage and you can so hardcore pick up chicas if you ever find a portal that would take you back to 1959 when mopeds were cool.

man...i cant wait to go home again...

well, im off to watch a movie shower and than go to bed. i hate you all and i wish you all ill will.

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