April 08, 2004

I would take hair bands over Nirvana any day of the week. Their music was upbeat, fun, and they put on good live shows, Nirvan's music makes me want to take a melon baller to the inside of my cranium.

And musically, while they had a large fan base, and since he was some how martyred for the music although he killed himself, yes, he will be remembered forever as being "the father of grunge". But he wasn't. My uncles remember seeing Alice In Chains opening up for The Bullet Boys in 1986... playing the same type of music they did in the early nineties. Where was Nirvana then? Nowhere, they didn't exist.

From the theory side, Nirvana contributed NOTHING to music. Kurt Cobain is just another good vs. dead example. Take Tupac, he wasn't the best rapper, shit, Eminem is a more skilled rapper than Tupac, but everyone will say Tupac is the best because he died. And you can't have him come back to defend himself and actually prove he's the best, so it'll always be that way.

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