April 23, 2004

I hate cars.

My brakes stopped working tonight. I don't know why. I tried putting in some brake fluid but that didn't really seem to help. There might be special rules to putting in brake fluid that I don't know about though, so who knows. All I really wanted was for this god damn car to last long enough for me to save up some money for a down payment on a decent car. Not a piece of shit like I've bought the last two times. But NO, God hates me and so now, just when I started to break even and next paycheck could be saved, the car has a problem again.

Anyway, Bradbury, as a side note, if you'd like to make another stop and just give me a diagnosis if possible, I will gladly repay you with food or a movie or whatever again. Just give me a call at 904-8167. Maybe I could just buy you some liqour or something. I don't work until 5 the next two days, so I'll be home anytime before that.

Pre-emptive thanks.

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