April 08, 2004

I ask, how did Nirvana get rid of hairbands?
As I try and make sense of this statement, the lack of any reasoning behind it makes me fall into a muddy puddle of shit. Now, I agree with Aaron 100% on this one in his "They're only the best because they're dead" post.

My theory behind this is-- Nirvana: contributed nothing to music, had absolutely no musical talent, had lyrics that could only be topped by what Skinny Puppy had to offer, did not birth grunge but merely wrote songs that were so simple, people didn't have to think about them [i.e. - common people enjoy simple things: Simple action movies, simple 4/4 music with straight forward, easy to understand lyrics], and from Nirvana, Kur Cobane, only had a fanbase with the junkies of the grunge scene, but once he died, everyone got into the band.

Where people get confused with Nirvana's contribution to music is when they see the scene, and they think that contributing to music is the same as changing a social structure. Just as Tupac brought forth a more ganster, thug culture; although he did make this change, his contribution to music was moot. The same can be said for Venetian Snares and the IDM community. Aaron Funk is a tall canadian in Winnipeg, Manitoba that is now the poster boy for all IDM. Just like the singer-songwriter form of Cobane's musical catastrophies, if you add a mean snare-rush with some ring modulation into a song, you're automatically linked to a similar artist under VSnares. He is not the best IDM artist and never will be; but he made himself known, and is now what the people see as IDM. The people [i.e. society, media, etc.] see Nirvana as The grunge band. All of the previously stated artists did not change music, but only became the poster-boys through their own means.

Two of my topics can be merged, so "had absolutely no musical talent" and "did not birth grunge but merely wrote songs that were so simple, people didn't have to think about them [i.e. - common people enjoy simple things: Simple action movies, simple 4/4 music with straight forward, easy to understand lyrics]" will now become one.

If you have any knowledge of music theory, the statement "Nirvana had no musical talent" should ring true. Though, if you just want to defend your personal favorite band, you'll say they they do, but have nothing to defend yourself with. The structure of a Nirvana song is simple; likewise, it can be easily understood, and people can move easily to it [or sway]. There isn't a Nirvana track that defies music, breaks away from standards, or simplstic chords. Powerchords ran the fucking tracks, and 4 note chord progressions and possible detuning [drop D, wow] can easily be detected. The songs ran on the intro, verse, bridge, chorus, verse, "solo," bridge, chorus, outro structure.

So why did people like them, and find them so revolutionary? Easily noted, they were simple-- so simple, and so standard, people flocked to them. People do not care about complexities, if a song such as "Gantz_Graf" by Autechre were to ever reach the airway or music by Botch [a complex, math-rock group], it would be detested and riticuled. Why is this? I re-iterate: People like things that are simple. Action movies that show action, Comedies that show humor, Suspense films that leave you in suspense. Much like One Hour Photo, Waking Life, and even Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind failed in the box office. The plot isn't directly stated, you have to think about it. Of course, this can also be linked to directing-- different debate.

Also, Kurt described his music as "deep emotional expression," voiced his advocation of drugs, and was known as a heroin addict. What more could anyone need to relate to him with? His presence targetted anyone who had no voice. Music is, to most people, an "intangable way of self expression." That easily targetted a large amount of people. Drugs? That targets the rest. Fuck thinking about music, if it's about drugs and expresses self, WHAT ELSE DO YOU NEED?! This explains his large fanbase of junkies and lifeless shitfuckers who contribute nothing to society but their opinion on how drugs should be legalized, but no one will listen to them anyway because they're too fucked up when they state their opinion that it can't be taken seriously.

Here's how I think the self assassination of Kurt Cobane went. First, allow me to state the two main theories that I've heard. (1) Kurt Cobane killed himself [widely believed]. (2) Kurt Cobane was murdered by Courtney Love (his wife). How could someone drugged up shoot themselves with a shitgun? She wanted the money and the fame for herself.

These two views are inconceivable. Allow me to say that Kurt Cobane was secretly a brilliant conartist, and this goes the same with Tupac. They obviously didn't have musical talent, because they weren't musicians at all; They just faked the whole thing. I think they had a bet, and it eventually came out to be a tie; The murder/suicide thing was a huge game. Years before the death of Kurt Cobane, he pulled off something so amazing, so great, that it just seems as insane as the existance of extraterestrials in my garage. He was slowly draining the blood from his body, and storing it somewhere until he finally accumulated enough to make a real replication of himself [blood-loss: the reason he was so fucked up and down all the time]. Now, while writing terrible lyrics and building an army of drug activists, he was using advanced skin replication techniques, and bone synthesis that he learned at the years of study in the facilities of MIT [remember, his whole origin is up to me right now, I say MIT because he went to a college before becoming a conartist]. Right when the moment was true, he shot his fake body in the face and placed the gun in the spot, dashing away during the night with money that he's been saving. Disappearing, only leaving what looked like suicide behind.

What you all know as the suicide of Kurt Cobane, was really a self-assassination. He's now somewhere with Tupac, smoking pot and reading philosophy.

Don't get me started on Elvis either, mother fuckers.

Now, for my moment of zen......

Bonnie - YOu know, Aaron, people could say the same thing about Picasso. Not Good, just dead. Opinions are great.


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