April 09, 2004

How could you tell that the fanbase that Nirvana had, listened to hair metal? They could have listened to Country prior and suddenly said, "Holy shit, this Nirvana band is pretty swanky. Screw this country stuff, Nirvana is rad."

what's wrong with the fucking intro, verse, bridge, chorus, verse, "solo," bridge, chorus, outro structure? Rock and roll has been doing it for decades.

that's just it-- It had been doing it for decades. We've also been burning fossil fuels for quite sometime now. Does that mean it is the best thing ever? hardly. I have a problem with this structure, mainly because it's antiquated and perversely unoriginal. Anyone who can pick up a guitar - or hell, even a computer - can program or play this. Why? Because it's simple and easy to understand. Never will complex song structures as in Classical Indian music ever appear in the mainstream music scene of America. Why? Because people do not want 11/4 66 note tonal music. Change is bad to the masses, esspecially in music.

There has to be filler somewhere, and a lot of the fucking filler is decent music.

The problem is, there are too many fillers. Too many makeshift bands are out there making thoughtless music.

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