April 22, 2004

Actually I do have to agree to a certain extent with you about the whoel pornography thing, James. Which....I'm having trouble coping with. (The agreeing with you part, not the topic itself)
But I do believe "softcore" has it's place as well. I'd much rather have a desktop background of a softcore pic than let's say.....a tree. Of course that's simply because I have a thing for aesthetics that has a tendency to make people think I'm gay. But that's another story.
The rest of your post though, was downright entertaining -- I see no reason why it should be a reason to not post. /shrug/

Yes, Jeepers Creepers had potential. Quite a bit, actually....had they not used EVERY BAD SCARY MOVIE CLICHE KNOWN TO MANKIND in it.
Which is, in my opinion...what could make it worse than The Core. You said yourself it didn't even have potential....well, atleast they didn't have anything to screw up.
It's like alchemy, I guess. Can't turn shit into gold in real life. With Jeepers Creepers, however, they somehow turned gold into shit. And that is sad.

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