March 19, 2004

So -- whoever is picking me up tomorrow, if you could email me tonight and let me know -- or call James and let him know (I'll try and call him, since I'm not gonna leave the gf's phone number here on the net)
Here are the directions:

If you don't know where River Road is -- go straight North on Meridean, in downtown puyallup. It eventually curves off to the right, turning to 2nd ave...just keep eventually turns into River Road. It's the road that you are on when you pass Fred Meyers, and then the cheapo theatre.
Pass those two places...and you will then pass a K-Mart and a Burger King on the right. Just a bit past Burger king, there will be a Subway on the left. Turn left just before that Subway (11th) then take the first right (12th), it's the 5th building on the right -- a duplex, number 1203. There is a yellow VW bug and a primer black VW Scirocco sitting out front.
Ring the doorbell.

Also -- remind me to stop by my place on the way back (it's on the way) because I forgot to grab somethin.

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