March 10, 2004

Jesse (I think),
Last time I saw Drew was, well, a couple of weeks ago at TGI Friday's. He works there. People evolve and do things at different speeds. Some people won't even actually figure out what they want to do until they are 35 or they'll spend their whole existance trying to figure it out. Also, what is fulfilling to you may be a yawn to someone else. For example, I have chosen the military path. I will be attending a military academy in missouri. A lot of people would hate the military. However, it is fulfilling to me. I see a lot of positive changes that could be made, and I'm willing to take on that task. Dreams change. I don't know if I ever had a dream in high school but I know now my patience for dreaming is short. Once I have the dream, I would rather make my dreams a reality. I have goals, a mental checklist, and I've changed.

When are you coming back to visit? And what is it you're doing with your life that is so fulfilling?

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