March 17, 2004

Dear Bonnie,

Jobs suck. If you are just looking for something to do before you leave and you don't need a job, why don't you get a hobby?

Anyway, about lying...

When working Customer Service, you must take into mind; and, kill off your morals when lying to people comes into play.

First off, when you get a job working with people and selling products, you'll enter a few hours/days of training. During this time, you'll be introduced to some of those lovely concepts that we've been told from day one when working a job: "The customer is always right", "It's your responsibility to make THEM happy". etc. etc. This may be a tough situation if you don't break the barrier between "Things you must do in order to survive" and "Things you assume to be are right." I work at Walgreens in the One Hour Photo lab and I am constantly bombarded with situations where I must lie to keep the customer coming back: customer coming back = walgreens revenue = profit sharing = bling bling.

Customer: "These photos are all wrong."

My response: "That's because you were a shitface to me when you dropped off your film and I fucked them up because of that."

The proper response: "I'm sorry sir, I don't know who did this. Would you like me to redevelop them free-of-charge?"

Before you lie though, you must think of why you need to lie to these people. Take a look at them before hand and see how they are merely customers -- walking piles of profit. People will buy anything if you are wearing a nametag and you say "Yeah, I use/wear/have/eat this all the time." It's just something you have to do inorder to maintain a constant income in the Customer Service World. Don't get me wrong though, I dont' lie to my friends/family/etc, but I do lie to customers to excel in that world while I'm in college.

Anyway, poker tonight. Be there.

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