March 10, 2004


I made a conscious decision not to contact a lot of people and tell them of my excurssion. I talk to two people I went to high school with. My plan was to: (1) Disappear (2) Come back to visit (3) Find the people I used to hang out with and see if their life after GRADUATING is as fulfilling as mine.

So far, I'm guessing a tiny portion of those which I spent my teenage days with are living out their dreams right now [those who had them anyway].

The only person I'm really curious about is Drew. My last encounter with that guy was prior to my trip to Winnipeg, Manitoba CANADA. As I've pondered his existance, I wonder if he's sinking deeper and deeper into the pool of stupidity; furthermore, I'm curious to what the fuck he's doing at AiS, if he's still at AiS. After meeting up with him in the mall one day, seeing him dressed up in a rockabilly outfit talking about music which he knew nothing about, he seemed washed up.

I want to know about someother people as well, but my prediction as to where they ended up isn't motivating me to find out.

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