February 03, 2004

Oh yes, I know this Bradbury -- My car, having not much done in the realm of engine modifications tends to get smoked by anything newer than a '98. I simply didn't pay attention to what he was driving...it was just an old man passing me, so I was like..."no" and sped up...then suddenly....loud engine rev...and old man flying by =(

But on the other hand...My gf's bro has a friend with a 97 All-Trac, with 400hp goodness. Now...my dream car is a '93 All-Trac, but there were only 81 of them produced in America, so it's not likely to get ahold of one soon. But this guy got his rear end smashed in. He was gonna sell the whole thing for $3k, gf's bro talked him down to $1100 (incase I was interested, because he knows I want an All-Trac) and if I were to just buy the engine...it'd be even less.
Granted...issue #1 is All-Tracs are 4wd...my car is not. It's also a 5 speed, vs my automatic. The tranny shouldn't be a big issue to convert, but the 4wd I have been told can just be left hooked up to the front wheel drive, until I wanted to shell out money later to get a conversion...but that's probably expensive as shit.
Regardless. I want that engine, even if I could only get the front wheel drive to work. 400hp goodness in my car = funzo.
So....somebody give me $1000 please.

I've always hated Packard Bell computers.
Now I really...really hate them. It just took me a fucking half hour to figure out how to open the damned case! That's sad. I'm glad PB is no longer in America...that's the only high point of this venture.

And...Bradbury...since I have your attention...
Might I request your assistance sometime this week/weekend in helpin me fix the gas gauge in my

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