February 19, 2004

babysitting tards.

its a distinguished job really. full of fullfilling stuff. like sitting around all day alternating between playing xbox, chatting online, and watching ultra mega on demand cable package tv.

sometimes i get bored and i drive the company car arond late at night for no reason. then i just mark down that i was returning a video to blockbuster for one of the clients.

i eat all their food, and when one gets mad, i blame it on the other one, then slink off to go buy more and replace it when they dont notice.

all in all i dont really do anything. im totally bored all the time. but the thing is....there are few things id trade this job for(as far as other jobs go). because seriously..a job where i sit around and do nothing for 24 hours and get paid? that is totally me.

anyways.......witch hunter robin so far has faile dto catch my interest. two nights in a row now ive sat down and attempted to watch it, and wound up changing the channel.

and the day bradbury gets piercing is the da....well...it wont be a normal day thats for sure.

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