January 10, 2004

Why can't people enjoy shitty movies for what they are... I mean, sure there are movies that are downright horrible in every aspect... See Gigli, you'll understand. However, there are movies that if you don't fucking pick apart until the movie is just little bits of once-movie flesh wriggling upon your television screen for the sick pleasure of someone of James' ilk, that are actually entertaining.

Case in point. The Crow.

I like the movie. I know that the special effects aren't good, and I know about the thing which you call "a higher moral ground". However, I think it's damn funny when he says really cliche'd lines all the time like quoting the Raven when he breaks into the pawn shop. I don't enjoy it in a way I enjoy things like Fight Club or Pulp Fiction... but I can watch the movie from time to time and it entertains me. The reason it doesn't entertain some of you picky fuckers is because you guys can't enjoy movies that aren't "Masterful pieces of cinema".

Another one, everyone's insulting Alien vs. Predator, of course it's going to suck. No one is going to watch it because they think the acting and storyline will be top notch. No, people are going to watch it to see the cool inviso-effect of the predators and watch aliens and predators beating the shit out of eachother. It's a no brainer that we're not going to see an Oscar winning performance out of the god damn movie so just watch it for what it is, joke about the parts that were bad and agree that the fight scenes are entertaining. Just like Freddy Vs. Jason, I enjoyed that movie, and I plan to purchase it, not because of how amazing the cinematography was, no but because it has been my child hood dream ever since watching the initial escapades of the two supernatural killers, to see them duke it out, and now I can.

Some of you talk like your opinion on movies is the objective end all be all. If the name on your birth certificate is James, you can count yourself among them. It's fucking irritating. It's not even fun to debate with you guys about movies anymore because you not only don't respect other's opinions, you don't even listen or have a sense of humor about them. I remember sitting in Shari's with James and Jimmoi and Jeff tearing the shit out of The Fast and The Furious and I would buy that film so that I could renew the experience. At that point you guys had fun debating what the value of the movie was, now all I hear from you is "Oh God that movie sucks."

Basically what I'm saying is if you guys are going to talk shit about a film, at least be funny about it god dammit.

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