January 09, 2004

uh, first off-paul ws anderson is directing alien vs preditor and he did not do mortal komkat total annihilation. he made the first mortal kombat, event horizon, soilder and resident evil. he's still pretty bad.

second. alien 3 i enjoyed, but was a dissapointment. it was boring compared to aliens. but enough about aliens. lets talk about big fish.

opens tonight. tim burton. ewan mcgregor ( i wont look up the spelling....fuck that). will go see it tonight, give y'all the 411.

been playing a game at work with mr IMDB.COM himself, eddie. we take one actor, and try to connect him to another actor. like 6 degrees of kevin bacon w/o kevin bacon. example:

connecting James Franco to Cate Blancet.

James franco was in spiderman with tobey mcgwire
tobey mcgwire was in wonderboys with michael douglas
michael douglas was in traffice with benicio del toro
benicio del toro was in the hunted with tommy lee jones
and tommy lee jones was in the missing with cate blancet.

get the idea? you have to do it in 6 tried or less. been doing it all day. w/o the help of the internet mind you. basically, everyone in hollywood is connected somehow. take this one for instance:

Bruce Lee to Anthony Hopkins

bruce lee was in enter the dragon with jon saxon
jon saxon was in dusk till dawn with cheech
cheech was in deperado with antonio banderas
antonio banderas was in zorro with anthony hopkins.

you cant use directors or producers. just actors. in other words. im too fucking bored and
in other news, their remaking one of my favorite movies. the producers. nathan lane was matthew brodrick. why god why?

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