January 12, 2004

sanchez just called jackson a theiving negro for taking his m&ms. i thought that was the funniest thing i heard since aaron thinking alien 3 was the best of the series.
moving on.

question: when have i ever just label a movie as "sucking" without giving any reasons?

as for avp. when i first heard about this movie, i thought it was going to be the best sci-fi action ever ever. two of my favorite movie franchises together, yippy. but after reading the plot, seeing screen shots, watching the teaser trailer, the reading the script...this is going to be a terrible fucking movie.

Freddy vs Jason. Cheesy. Campy. good? yes. i really enjoyed this movie. it was funny. it really appealed to fans of both movies. it was great. not the best movie ever, or even the year, but i was enjoyable. It was suppose to be cheesy. Both Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street were more or less campy films. thats what made then fun. But AVP shouldnt be cheesy or campy. Alien wasnt cheesy. Aliens wasnt campy. alien 3 wasn't funny (or interesting or exciting but it was scarey-i'll give you that). Preditor had Arnold lines, but other than that, it wasnt cheesy. But watching the trailer. reading the plotline. and finding out that Paul Anderson is directing it. Theres no saving it, unless jesus came down, bitch smack Paul Anderson and takes over directing the movie.

and whats with these One franchise vs another movies? Freddy vs Jason. Alien vs Preditor. Batman vs Superman. i stated it many times n the board. we have used up all the good ideas for movies.

moving on to something completely different. i feel sick. i feel like throwing up. i dont know why. it sucks. yeup.
alrighty. back to werk.

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