January 21, 2004

sad sad day.

One of the greatest movies ever made "Guess Whos Coming to Dinner?" where Sidney Poitier became the first Negro actor to win an academy award is being remade. this time, its with a white person coming to dinner with ---wait for it----wait for it ---waiiiiit--- sidney poitier's part is being played by ashton kutcher.

ashton kutcher? what the fuck?!?

i guess you guys arent shocked. you shouldnt be. this guy is the hottest thing in show bizzzzz since R Kelly's kiddie porn. he almost got he part of Batman, and is still up for Superman. He will also be starring in Dukes of Hazzard with Paul Walker. YESH!!! manoman, im glad im alive in this day and age with Ashton Kutcher being the hottest thing since Mystakal's Rape Video!

if you havent reliesed by now im being sarcastic. he's a piece of dogshit actor. he was so bad, cameron crowe started filming Elizabethtown with him, and actually stoped production, and kicked him off the set because he is such a piece of shit actor. of course, cam crowe is replacing him with orlando bloom, who can't act his way out of a nutsack, but hey-he's better than ashton. i think.

but once again (getting back to the main topic) this only goes to show that nothing is sacred. nothing.

anwho. sanchez used that budlight playback thingie i sent a few of you and put a picture of the huffster on it. so if you folks wanna see what the huffster, click on this


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