January 14, 2004

magic day sucked.

anywho. tomorrow is pay day. paaaaaay daaaaay. monies. yay.

i really have nothing to post about. eddie pissed on a cop car. i got kicked out of a bar. we commited a hit and run b/c i dont have insurance. eddie backed into a car, and i told him to "DRIVE MOTHERFUCKER DRIVE!!!" and payton told us to pull over to look at the damage and i said "BITCH! I AINT GOT NO INSURANCE!!!" it was pretty funny. i guess youd had to have been thar. fuck you guys.

one thing thats funny about jeff's post is haley joel osment (whos white) playing the cuban and frankie muniz (who is hispanic) as the white kid. i guess im the only that found that funny...

i feel dizzy right now. i think im going to go to sick call later today. i hate sick call. all they do is make you sit around for 4 hours and than give you ibprofin (i cant speul)and then tell me to go back to werk. fuckers.

im eating sunflower seeds. takes me back to when i werked at the boxfactory
that or back when i use to do black tar heroine.

apparently my tdy to hawaii got nixed.

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