January 09, 2004

jim carrey to val kilmer? easy. too easy. one movie. Batman Forever. unless thats what you were talking about witht he direct link to....which you probably were...ho hum.

i hate werk. so boring. so tired. wee. its friday. drinking time for the jimmy ( i stop getting drunk everyday now...was getting too expensive). plan on going to tom's house, play mortal kombat dark alliance on the 52 inch tv, than go watch big fish and finally off to rumrunners. not really a fun filled afternoon, butr its alaska....

we did break off these 4 foot icicles and started to sword fight w/ them. i think jackson got a piece of ice stuck in his eye. we laughed at him, and shoved him into the snow.

sanchez bought the new MACHO MAN rap cd. dear lord. its as funny as it sounds. whats sad though, he was probably trying to be serious, as there is a song about mr perfect who recently died. thats the funniest song too. OOHHH YEEE-YEAH!!!

well, im going to try yo call bonnie or jeff or james, being that im so fucking bored. i hate werk.

real quick: eddie just ask me this one - adrian brody to james caan

Adrian Brody was in thing red line with Sean Penn
Sean Penn was in the Game with Michael Douglas
Michael Douglas was in Traffic with benicio del Torro (haha, used this one again)
and Benicio De Toro was in The Way Of the gun with James Caan.
( when i answer this, eddie came up with one faster)

Adrian Brody was in the thin red line with george clooney
who was in batman and robin with arnold
who was in the eraser with james caan.

yes. i know. we have no life.

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