September 09, 2003 almost forgotten about that damn little apartment in tacoma
Jimmoi since you live in Alaska wouldnt it be a safe assumption that to pick up bitches at the bar (or as you previously referred to them Mammoths of the Frozen Tundra) you wouldnt need much more than a bag of funyuns and perhaps weapons grade tranqulizer (aka Any type of hard liquor) if the need arises?
As for the whole teacher debate, my moms a teacher, and alls i know is that usually around the endish middle part of the month our fridge is pretty empty and my mom comes to me to borrow 20 bucks so her bank account doesnt close....its a strangely envigorating feeling knowing that you have less than a grand in the bank and you have more money than your parents. But thats what some teachers go through. except for the administration pricks who dont do much more than walk around the halls with walkee talkies....they get paid more than security guards cause they wear a suit and dont walk around looking like "biggee fresh" or Gary Coleman (we all know Tate here right?)

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