September 22, 2003

Hey Steve, if you'd notice, all of the pictures drawn were flames. That was the point, I had one for James too, but it wasn't very funny so I didn't post it. That's cool if you don't want to pay, I talked to the lady down at the apartment office today, she said since you were still on the lease when we missed the deadline, you were just as legally responsible as we were for that payment. So if I were a petty jackass (which I'm not saying I'm not), I could bring you to small claims court for your fourth of the money, since there were four of us on the lease at that time. First of all, I was joking around with Courtney when I apparently claimed it "mine", and I actually said it was fine for you guys to come get it before the fifth. I bet she left out that part huh?

The best part about your reply, you called my flame "unfounded".

Now that's a crack up.

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