September 21, 2003

Actually I have to be the one to step up and say that James answers about women are just stupid. Just more of his "I have it all figured out" bull. Dunno why people don't realize this. Yes there are women who are like that. James can have them all to himself, I'm sure they'll be happy. But regardless, the generalization is bs. 'nuff said.

Jeff on the other hand, I know exactly what ya mean with the idealism thing. Of course, not all of us lose that..such as the aforementioned person. Sure those behaviors may change within those people..but they don't go away. But my issue with it is different than yours. I look back on that idealism as stupid, yet I miss it simply because it gave me some kind of meaning...or something. Not having that kinda leaves an empty hole inside me. Sucks a bit.

Bradbury, I really hate those fucking "In memory of" stickers people get on their cars. It's stupid. Nobody got one when Josh Baseball was killed at Spanaway Speedway. Nobody got one when Wendel Henry got hit by a car on Meridian. It pisses me off.
Anybody gets a bumper sticker for me when I die (And I know nobody cares enough anyway) I'll come back from hell and cauterize your ass shut with my pitchfork.

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