August 30, 2003

you know all the disabled people have the same lunch as me in school. i dont like it all. it may not be there fault but i dont enjoy watching there food run down there face with there tongue out while i eat my peanut butter and jelly sandwich. some of those kids are just out of it. so i ask WHY THE HELL DO THERE PARENTS SEND THEM TO SCHOOL? i mean there not gonna learn anything.. they cant even eat there lunch. I GOT IT. all children must be able to eat there lunch without getting 25% of it on there face or body to come to school. damn that wont work. i go to yeeealm with all the stupid rednecks they are almost as bad. but back to my first question, there is no point in sending a kid that out of it to school you know there not learning anything and they just provide something that horribly disgust me on a daily basis.

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