August 25, 2003


zacho is such a swell guy. a sweet swell likable guy. this is why im in love with him. soooo much in love. heres looking at you kid.

im tired. i think im goign to go to sleep when i get home, take a nap fun stuff. its raining so im certain that we wont be doign pt today. yay. my room is still a disastor area and theyre doing room inspections as we speak. aint it cool?

im kicked out of c2 for now because there was a CMI (classified matriel incident) so i cant work back their sinc ei dont have a TopSecret clearence.

today i went out on three jobs and screwed around for about 40 good minutes. im in my blues right now, and everyone thinks i got into trouble or something. i love this nazis sweater.

this post is not going to attack anyone. im not in the mood to flame anybody---mainly because i dont have anything to bitch at you peopel about. i dont know anyof you anymore, youve all changed into meat gazing homos.

oh and i finally watched Being John Malcavich. i liked it.

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