August 05, 2003

wow i had the best dream last night. i know all you guys have slid around on the kitchen or bathroom floor in your socks. have you ever thought of doing that in the frozen food section at the grocery store? well i had a dream about that yesterday booYA! i was water skiing in the frozen food section back and forth and someone was pulling me with a rope... i cant remember who.. dreams are sorta wierd.. well you know the deal, all the pretty girls were in there underwear squirting whipped cream all over the place it was amazing.

Could this be a sign from GOD?!?! could it means he wants me to apply to safeway? or albertsons.. wait no it definatelly wasn't an albertsons... OR the commisary? I hope not. The moment responsibility and work ethic kicks into my head is the day that i stab myself in the back.

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