August 20, 2003

What are these pep rallies you speak of?
and by pep rally, you mean Nazis Book Burnings and by sporting event you mean bliztkreg and by whiny pussies you mean the french...oh -i see what youre talking about now.

i fucking hate poems
like god damn fucking haikus
bitch go kill yourself.

i think i might be in a bad mood...i dont know yet. i didnt sleep last night, and its been busy here at work. i dont mind work. i just hate alaska. and i hate the arferce. not the arferce, just the fact that i cant just leave or call in sick or go home. i want to go home. i dont like responsibility. i dont like having to wake up. i dont like fucking mexicans.

21 with ansgt
a whiney little fagget
fucking should shut up

so format computer rebuild overhaul deconstruction time today when i get home. so fun. its goign to be a lil party. pizza and chicken wings and shitty slyvester stallone movies. course. i'll probably end up sleeping and not doing any of it. weeee. horray for laziness.

going back to work
fucking hate my fucking life
die and burn in hell

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