August 19, 2003

well well well.

so i enjoy sleeping. sleeping is grand. yes. yes it is.

now. question. where the fuck is bradbury? did i miss something? whats the fuck is up with the glass blowing?

oi zach-give me your phone number, you ass niggler!

lets see who doesnt post anymore.

well, lets just save time and space and just say everyone. lets just say the last 10 post have been less than spectaculrreasdgfshjg.
so what the fuck is the problem people? huh?
i dont post much now-cus i am a leeeech. i feed off of others. and when no one posts, than i dont post. i have nothign to post about. my life is useless. i am useless. i need this site. you see. i dont stay in contact with any of you fuckers. not that i dont care about youse or anything-cus i dont. its more because you fuckers dotn mother fucking post anymore. i dont know if zach sill has his thrid testical. if steven
still likes getting dressed up like raggity-anne and aaron like raggity-andy and make theyre lil home movies. i dont know this people. i need every dirty detail of your filthy lives, cus its none of my fucking business and i love hearing about it. dammit. the phone wont stop ringing. argh.

heh. took care of that problem. i fowarded 1612 to 4139 and fowarded 4139 to 1612. muhahah. no phone calls for c2 today.
two can be as sad as one its the lonliest number since the number one.

im bored. i need to come to werk drunk. than i will be something. well...sides from being a moron, a drunk. i need to be a lush. than i can be liek link and howell and get sent to AA and get out of werk. i hate werk.

so james-are you goign to reinstall planetside? i have yet to reinstall it. i still have to reformat my computer. let me know when you goign to reinstall guessing never but eh. whatever. im hungry.

all systems go for me to come down again. just gotta know when. it would be neet if zachofivethousand comes down too though. but if i come down, i'll probably not be around too much. though i will see justin and breanna. they dont post anymore. do they still read this?


its only 0840. i really hate werk.

status of my missing leave: so i dotn think i told the board yet, and if i did, i doubt you fuckers noticed or read it. it was during the dean time. dean time? dead time. which is now. im sure this will be the only post of the day. yeup. i hate all of you fuckers. anywho-

the last tiem i came down it was only for 9 days. it was short, sweet and fun. i saw zacho for the first time in almost a year. saw everyone...well almost everyone, and it was fun. i say that again. it was fun. well, it seems that i never really got those nine days approved, so i technically went AWOL for those 9 days. i didnt get into any trouble for it, btu at the same time, i never actually told any one that wouldve soiled themselves. i told SGt Walker (who is a god amongst slackers, one of the last true air force supervisors-lazy to a fault, but laid back and"easy going") and he more or less covered it up. i took the leave last week, but worked. i "beat the system" i guess. whats funny is that if i didnt say anything-i mightve been able to just have taken free leave and used those 9 days to come down next month-or tac it on when i do come down (november-december-januaray...whenever).

which will beeeee put on a ballot and you fuckers will vote.
yeup. when do you fuckers wanna see the Niggler?

Januaray November December or Never

vote now and recieve this free t-shrit*:

Shirt will not be sent for free

well. my work here is done. the world is safe-once again. but for how long? but whenever evil and danger looms over the innocent, you can count on me-THE NIGGLER!!!

fuck off.

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