August 31, 2003

Smorkevin: are you gonna beat 10 people up with a bamboo stick
Yoshi9682: like Nunchuckau, Katana, Quarterstaff and Wakisashi
Smorkevin: o
Yoshi9682: Bamboo?! Fuck that! It's made out of like oak and it has steel in the middle for extra weight. very painful!
Yoshi9682: You get hit in the shin or face with one of those, you're not getting back up! Think of it as like a really mean and pretty stick...
Smorkevin: or someone can just pull out a gun when you are twirling your stick around and shoot you
Yoshi9682: I'd kick it out of your hand before you had your finger on the trigger!
Yoshi9682: And then your hand would be broken!

pretty interesting what you find when you randomly press paste on your computer after not having been home all day
but this is the real reason i was gonna post
What Is Your Animal Personality?

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