August 26, 2003

Ok yah so i know i havent posted in awhile....just really havent had much to say and all the bullshit.
But now i have to share this all with you.
Ive started a small hate group at my work. Dont worry im not going to be shaving my head and running around buring cloth or anything and dragging ethnic people out into the street and beating them with clogs.
As some of you may or may not know i work at a Chinese Restaurant, cleaning all the wasted food that everyone sends back to the kitchen at the end of the meal (all those starving Ethiopians)......
*side note*
jeff on the subject of californians i recall them as being lover of all things foreign as long as the foreign peoples are nowhere around....perhaps if we were to take some of the wasted food from my work, poison it, and open up a Chinese restaurant somewhere in the middle of Cali...with funds apropriated from your friend Harry Wappler's pension, perhaps we could bring down california
.....anyways back to the thing with China Wok, One of the cooks there asked me if i could round up some trees for him because he wanted to plant them on his property, weird thing is that he lives in Auburn, and for some reason ive always pictured Auburn as not having much rural space to it...but hey as long as hes paying right? So i take the day off from the gunclub on sunday morning and head out with my buddy Ron to partake in some early morning tree poaching. After five hours of hiking around a 40 acre pasture, looking for trees of the right species and height, as well as digging the damn things up, and dodging the occasional motorcyclist which ended up with either of us laying face down in a patch of nettles... i took the trees to the restaurant for the guy to inspect. This guy is pretty much going apeshit...he didnt think id do it. So then comes the question of price. i tell him that its going to be about 20 bucks a tree, which is a steal seeing as how trees that size(somewhere between 4 and five feet) in a nursery would cost considerably more...he says he doesnt want to pay 60 bucks, and then tries telling me that he only wanted 1, instead of the three that he asked for the previous day. Well i wasnt about to leave with three trees in the i grudgingly knocked the price down to 30 dollars and left with a fake smile on my face.
Fast forward a couple days...apparantly the guy i sold it too was Cantonese, now all the chinese people who work there are pissed off at this guy, they were telling me how they were giving him alot of shit....this one guy called Hai- Chi (who i shall from here on out refer to as "The Tall-one") told me that he actually struck the guy a few times. He kept saying "He Cantonese, no like, no shanghai...Charlie Shanghai". So now this guy is pretty much on everybody's shit list....and its a great feeling. And sure im mad, but its not like im gonna hunt him down...its just another in a long list of people ripping me off.

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