August 22, 2003

of course by her pointing out that she was being sarcastic, she was probably trying to point out that she believes that you were too dumb to reliese she being sarsastic, or that on text sarcasm is lost...course...i could be sarcastic now---wait, am i being sarcastic? i cant tell. oh dear. course, by explaining that she was implying that you were too stupid to catch the fact that she was being sarcastic, im implying that you were too dumb to pick up on that she was implying that she was being sarcastic. but i dont believe you are stupid jordan. i think you are intellegent and funny, but i havent seen a good flame war on the board in a while, so i think this can be funzo.

i think we should all just sit back and suck a fuck. here how i think you can suck a fuck jordan:

Step 1 Get a frisbee from the store or friend.
Step 2 Clean the Frisbee.
Step 3 Make sure your parents aren’t around
Step 4 Put something slippery on it, like butter or cream.
Step 5 Get really super pissed.
Step 6 Fold the Frisbee hard (this is crucial)
Step 7 Keep folded and insert Frisbee into mouth hard.
Step 8 Push hard until you can’t see it.
Step 9 Wait.
Step 10 Die.

for zach, i think we can just ignore his posts about frenchies cus we all know that he's french. and he lives in cleveland. he's in denile. and we know what his comeback will be. "yourein denile cus you like penis" which is true, so whats your point fuck ass? i love you zach.

uhm....i could attack others. but im tired. and i think i have to work...not sure. its friday. yay. yippeeee. and you ass jigglies better fucking respond to this-like burninate me hardcore dammit. keep the fucking slugs alive. attack a friend.

-its a link!-

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