August 30, 2003

its almost four am
i keep asking myself why the hell im awake....and you know im not really getting any answer, maybe im asleep. ive this tequila that i guess ive been debating with myself allnight about wether i should drink it or not i mean i have some apple juice that i can mix it with but then it would be blue apple juice...interesting thought really.
its about four am
i yawn...therefore i sleep? doesnt sound right does it, no it just dont possess the fluidity of something as deep as "STFU nOOB!!"
On that subject does anyone know where i can get my hands on some crickets or grasshoppers, perhaps some small sort of nuisance animal that i could buy in bulk and spread gleefully around a Wallmart or something....i hate them but i love them at the same time. Its kinda depressing to walk in and be overwhelmed by the scent of waffle crisp and white trash and the overpowering noise of screaming children and stupid parents (kinda like chucky chesse back before they got rid of the ballpit)
one of these days im gonna buy some ammo....because i can, nevermind that i cant really do anything with it because im not yet old enough to buy an actual gun...wait how is that gonna stop me, my dad lives out in roy hes got guns...and i work at a friggen to find me a barn full of pigeons.
"Hey Leroy, git outcher hotplate we's eating feathered rat tonight!!"

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