August 06, 2003

hoooo boy....

last night we dun needed us sum funzo . so we dun got all pile dinto our pickup trucks thar and drove don over to indiana. and when we dun got thar we droved on up to a field and stoled as much corn as you can shake a stick at and then hoot and holler! when we was dun with steallin this here corn, we dun drove around and throwed it at stuff until there wasnt none left to be throwed.

a few of the things we dun hit were...a cow....a bi ole garbage can....a rode sine....a raccoon....a 1995 plymouth mineee vayun....and sum other stuff too.

then we dun took a piece and chopped it all up and wrote "YER KORN AINT NO GUDE" and put it in some farmers mail box.

then we dun go and wented home cause we was hungry.

tahts what we do for fun in ohio ya'll

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