August 20, 2003

hey jimmoi...fuck off and die. and by die i meanhave anal sex with me..twice. and by fuck off i

anyways...i have a job abbysitting retarded sex offenders. haha. how fitting. 12 hour shifts. i think im supposed to actually di stuff. but i just sleep and tell them to shut up.

i live in cincinatti....not cleveland.

all the sports teams in ohio are named after indians. thi smust be because they kille dthem all..and now they feel they made the shittiest teams in each teams perspective sport/division/conference..and named them after various names for indians....and that is suppose dto make us feel better about ourselves. how the hell can you feel good about yourself when your favorite team is called the browns? and they are the worst team..... or the reds? thats not much better. oi maybe the basketball team has something to do with cows or that isnt any cooler. GO COW HEARDING NAME TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

hey big or you wont get the lollipop. you fucker.

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