August 23, 2003

geez, umm, jordan i guess I didn't really have a point. i just really like france so i got mad. about the starbucks thing, i saw a guy from highschool in there that day and he's an uppity pussy, so really i only saw one, not 30. and yeah, maybe i'm mildly uppity, but i'm not a pussy. why do i always explain myself? anywho...guys, "how exactly does one suck a fuck" is a line from James' favorite movie. but thanks for all your input. i feel so enlightend now. Anyway, I have to go have family day with my family. We're going to a seahawks game. I wish my dad would have just given me the 50 bucks he spent on the ticket considering i don't even like football and i REALLY don't like the seahawks.

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