August 30, 2003


gotta love it when your roommate decides to get a cat...and then decides she doesnt like it anymore when she realises it shits. so then she doesnt change the litter box for a montha nd bitches about how she hates teh cat amnd wants it gone. so finally she gets rid of the cat....but refuse sto cleen up the mess its litterbox made in MY bathroom.

but the real kicker the fleas. they lived on the cat and when the cat left they had nowhere to go but into everything we sit and sleep on and wear. one bug bomb was deployed..but she didnt seal off teh vents or the door or make sure all teh closets and cabines were it was pretty much completely usesless.

well the real stopry here is instead of using the new bug bombs we bought tomorrow...shes throwing a goddamn party.

her - "i hope you dont work sunday morning"
me - why?
her - because were havinga huge ass party here tomorrow night.

something tells me im about to find out how aaron fealt that night that me james and mike stayed up all night playing x-box.

i hate disabled people.

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